How To Produce Instagram Videos That Capture Massive Attention

Make Your Latest Travel Video Go Viral.

So you’ve scored a dream vacation and are taking videos of yourself on the beach having fun. You’ve got a $10 off night coupon from Expedia and want to make the most of it. But how do you make sure your video isn’t forgotten on Instagram?

Instagram is a fabulous marketing medium for the right type of content. If you produce practical, high-quality videos full of the right content you will see crazy, awesome results. As with any marketing campaign, you need to start off with clearly defined goals, so you know exactly what you are aiming for and you can measure success.

Videos are the top type of shared content on Instagram, which gives your marketing campaign endless possibilities because they are an easy way to make your product or service shine. Instagram videos are typically anywhere from three to sixty seconds long and can be uploaded from a phone or any other device. This gives you a lot of creative flexibility for your campaign. Here are a few strategies to help you produce Instagram videos that absolutely command attention.

Stage Your Story Before You Tell It

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People love stories and if you tell a good story, they will typically listen. First, you need to plan your strategy and decide exactly what the message of your video is going to be. Are you trying to gain followers or funnel leads to your website? Your goal for each video must be clear because it will determine the tone of the video. Then you’ll want to ensure that your video has a clear beginning, middle and ending. This is the best way for you to maximize each second on the screen. Make sure that your video starts dramatically since Instagram videos automatically play in users’ feeds. This will grab their attention. You’ll also want to include a call to action at the end, so people know what you want them to do. Also, remember that Instagram videos automatically play silently unless the user changes the sound option. You’ll either want to use captions or ensure that your video’s message is clear without them. 

Enhance Video Quality With Lighting

lighting with instagram videos

Most videos are portrait style videos. This means that the camera is pointed directly at someone as they speak. You’ll want to use lighting to your advantage to enhance every feature possible for the highest-quality video and you don’t need a professional studio to do it. First, you’ll want to try to use natural light. Make sure that it is always pointing toward the face on camera, not behind them. If you have large windows in your home or office, get in front of them. Try to avoid overhead lighting at all costs because the visual effects are very unattractive. Remember, you can always use white material to soften or reflect light and black material will help black it out. If you need to, have the subject move around until you find just the right shot and get creative. 

Shooting A High-Quality Video

It is best to use a smartphone with a camera or a DSLR camera to shoot your video in portrait or landscape mode. The Instagram app tends to limit some of the shooting functions, so you don’t want to use it. Remember, your video will display as you shoot it because Instagram doesn’t crop them anymore. Use the focus feature to enhance image quality, even if you are using a smartphone. Just tap the image on the screen where you want to maintain focus, such as the subject’s face. Do whatever you can to steady your shot. Set your phone down, anchor your elbows or put your camera on a tripod. Shaky videos are hard to watch and unattractive. Remember, you only have 60 seconds to captivate an audience and get your message across so maximize every second and use them wisely. 

When marketing, you have to make use of what is popular right now. And right now, Instagram is extremely popular. However, you have to stand out to catch the attention of the viewers (or scrollers). Anyone can produce a video to publish on Instagram, but not everyone can create videos that capture the viewers attention in a fleeting moment. That is why, using the tips, you should easily be able to product videos that will capture massive attention from the Instagram platform. From there, do what you will with the attention … from leads to sales, you control the flow now.