Offline Browsers: The Next Coupon Code Trend?

First Honey, Now…Coupon Browsers?

You may have heard of Honey, one of many popular Chrome extensions that people will use to automatically search for coupon codes on the web. coupon codes 2018On-Demand Coupons From

But now Coupon websites may be gearing up to create their very own browsers. Imagine: a browser that automatically checks for the best deal for everything you buy online. Whether it’s booking a hotel, buying on Amazon or another independent store. You can book a hotel room with Orbitz, and it’ll automatically search for the best promo code for your booking. We found a $150 Orbitz coupon code from

GoDaddy Coupons = Automatic Savings For Your Company:

Your purchasing department can suddenly save you thousands of dollars on email, hosting, and tons of other enterprise-level products that your company uses. The best offers are typically for new sign-ups, but you can find deals when you go to renew your services as well.

For businesses this can be extremely valuable. Imagine looking up web hosting for your site, and you end up finding a godaddy promo code for a web hosting deal for 40% off your company’s website. One can only hope that these browsers get to the market soon, Honey notwithstanding. If you can surf the web with the speed of Chrome but save me money in the process, consider my loyalty switched.

4 Free Must-Have Offline Browsers for Your Android Device

Having issues with slow or intermittent Wi-Fi connection when browsing the Web through your Android smartphone or tablet? Or do you simply want to save on mobile data connection charges from your wireless carrier? The solution: consider installing a mobile browser that can automatically “save” Web pages while your device is connected to a public Wi-Fi network, for example, so that you can read them later when there’s no more internet connection.

Check out these four offline browsers for your Android device. They naturally can’t stream embedded videos or sync websites that require authentication (such as those from Gmail, Facebook, and your online banking account) but are perfect for saving text, as well as visual and other rich media. These apps can all be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

Offline Browser (Gashaw Mola)

Sporting a clean and modern interface, Offline Browser enables you to take advantage of available Wi-Fi network access to download specific websites for later browsing. Indicate the URLs for those websites you want to download and then specify whether or not you want the images included, the depth of the hyperlink, and the maximum number of links you want per page. The Web pages you’ve downloaded through this browser app can be readily shared to Twitter, Gmail, Flipboard, and many other platforms.

OffLine Browser (NiKoDroid70)

Another free app, which is also named OffLine Browser, enables you to easily add the websites you want to download, specify your download preferences, and set them for syncing with the current versions of those websites when your device is online. You can then browse offline the synced Web page versions of those websites.

Pocket (Read It Later)

This wildly popular offline browsing app has one unique feature: it can sync and play videos even when there’s no internet connection. Pocket has three reading modes (including a handy nighttime reading mode to protect your eyes), unlimited storage capacity, and extensions for desktop versions of Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, so you can save Web pages from your desktop to your Android phone or tablet. Sharing synced Web pages to Evernote, Facebook, and Twitter is also possible through the Pocket app.

UC Browser (UCWeb Inc.)

This richly featured, high-performing, and free mobile browser has an add-on called Save Page. If you’re already using UC Browser, then downloading websites for offline reading is a breeze. To save a Web page, simply click the icon labeled Save Page on the UC Browser panel. A .txt file version of the Web page is also created, which makes for distraction-free reading of long articles.